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The YMCA Connection

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Because getting and staying fit are hugely important components of childhood wellness, our practice has partnered with the YMCA of Central Florida to give our patients unprecedented access to top-notch exercise opportunities along with professional guidance from physiotherapists who can design a special exercise program that’s tailored to every individual.

How it Works

The first time that you and your family visit one of our offices, you will meet with the YMCA membership team to set up a membership and ensure your continued, easy access to the exercise facilities at that location. Participants in our weight management program will then be able to take advantage of one-on-one sessions with a YMCA exercise physiologist whose job it is to show them that exercise is a way of life – not an unpleasant chore. Parents and patients will both be thoroughly engaged in this aspect of our program as they learn the benefits of regular exercise for the body, mind and spirit.

To learn more about our program and its connection with the YMCA of Central Florida, contact the Center for Child & Family Wellness at 407.303.9200 or fill out an appointment request online.