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Medical Team

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Experts in Helping Kids Live Healthier and Feel Better

At the Center for Child & Family Wellness, our experienced team of pediatric specialists in bariatric medicine, psychology, nutrition, and exercise is led by Angela Fals, MD and licensed psychologist Indira Abraham-Pratt, PhD. Together, we focus on providing the support, education and compassionate care that every young person and their family needs to pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle. We help each patient to reach their individual goals while ensuring that positive lifestyle habits continue well beyond our program.

Angela Fals, MD

Angela Fals, MD is a board-certified pediatrician and bariatric physician. In private practice and as Medical Director of Florida Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Weight and Wellness Program, she oversees pediatric weight management programs aimed at helping kids live to a long and healthy life through beneficial lifestyle choices and changes. As founder of the Center for Child and Family Wellness, she works hand-in-hand with experts in nutrition, exercise and child psychology to help children and adolescents effectively manage their weight, avoid a lifetime of obesity and make healthy choices that will benefit their self-esteem and overall health through adulthood.

Indira Abraham-Pratt, PhD

As a licensed child psychologist and key team member of Florida Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Weight and Wellness Program, Dr. Pratt specializes in the psychological aspects of weight management in children. She is passionate about helping improve self esteem and overall mental health in young adults and children, and provides family and individual patient counseling in our center’s multiple locations at local YMCA facilities.

Michael Woodall, BS, ASCM-CPT

Michael Woodall is an on-staff exercise physiologist at Center for Child & Family Wellness who works with patients and their families to integrate healthy exercise habits into their respective lifestyles.

Chris Schnell, RD, LD

Chris is a registered and licensed dietitian with comprehensive knowledge of nutrition as it relates to health and disease prevention. He has extensive experience with assessing and developing appropriate nutrition intervention strategies for both the maternal and pediatric population.